PROJECT: BeerStar (In Progress)


BeerStar is a website that will connect beer lovers with the best beer and breweries around them. With the current rapid increase in new craft breweries, it’s hard to keep track of and find all the great beer around you. It is also a challenge for brewery owners to get word out about their breweries with all the increasing competition. BeerStar to the rescue…

Project: The original idea struck when I was traveling for business and had a really bad experience finding a good brewery. I’m a bit of a “beer-geek” and wanted to find the best IPA in the area. I searched on Google, Yelp and even Untapped (a beer app)…but aside from showing some general information and address of the brewery, it was pretty much a crap shoot to pick one of the breweries on the list. I went with one that was rated highly on Google, only to end up at a brew pub with a list of basic beers, like Blue Moon and Sierra Nevada. In this case, nobody really wins…I only bought one beer (bad for the owner) and left unsatisfied (bad for me).

Users: I did extensive research on who would use BeerStar.  The list ranged from causal beer drinkers to brewery owners. Below is a list of user personas we identified during the research:


User Flows: The next step was to determine how each of the above user personas would use and interact with the website. I created some goals for each user, then mapped out the most simplistic route that a user would need to take to get to that desired goal.


Prototyping & User Testing: From the above user flows, we were able to create wireframes / prototypes that meet the needs of all users. At that point, we brought another group of beer drinkers and asked them to review the prototypes and provide feedback on how easy or difficult it would be to accomplish a set of goals. Below are some examples of the proposed layout in wireframe format.


Next Steps: From the revised wireframes, we will begin the process of high-fidelity prototypes, applying design styles and functions to the user flow. This high-fidelity prototype will allow for additional user testing and eventually become a design document that can be submitted to the developers for specification writing and development.

Design Style Guide:

Want to find out more about BeerStar?  Visit and submit your name and email address (we won’t spam you, I swear). We’ll contact you with updates and launch dates as they get closer.